1. Get an online price quote

    Use our sell diabetic test strips pricing tool to get instant pricing on your unused diabetic test strips. We accept many of the most popular diabetic test strip brands, including Accu-check smartview, Accu-check aviva, Bayer Contour, FreeStyle Lite and OneTouch Ultra Blue. Once you've selected all the diabetic test strips you'd like to sell, you can continue to get your free shipping label
  2. Print your FREE USPS shipping label & mail us your diabetic test strips

    At Sell Diabetic Test strips 4 cash, we provide FREE USPS shipping labels. All you have to do is box up your items, attached our pre-paid shipping label and drop it in your nearest mailbox or USPS postal office. We recommend using an old shoebox and filling any empty space with crumpled newspaper to make sure your diabetic test strips don't move and get damaged during shipping.
  3. Receive your cash money order in 2-3 days

    After receiving your un-used, un-opened diabetic test strips in good condition, we will ship out your USPS cash money order. Depending on where you live, it should arrive within 2-3 business days. Once you receive your money order, you can take it to any USPS postal office to redeem it for instant cash — it's that fast and simple.